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Contents of Extensions and Corrections No.19 (1997)

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Revised UDC tables

  • Classes (1) and (2) - Physiographic Region
  • Class (430) - Germany
  • Class 561 - Systematic Palaeobotany
  • Class 582 - Systematic Botany

Extended UDC Versions

  • Germany: administrative divisions

Comments & Communications

  • Report of the UDC Editor in Chief
    I.C. McIlwaine
  • Report on Revision of UDC 52
  • UDC as a Tool for Information Retrieval (general considerations)
    E. Scibor
  • Decomposition of Complex UDC Notations
    Gerhard J. A. Riesthuis
  • Language Barriers and Bridges: a Comparative Study on three UDC Editions
    Victoria Frâncu
  • Developments in Classification and Indexing in Estonia
    Marje Aasmets
  • The UDC Master Reference File in Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania
    Nijole Kolesinskiene and Marijona Gobyte
  • An odd Point of View: Some reflections on Table 1i in the UDC common auxiliaries
    Geoffrey Robinson
  • Proposed Revision of UDC 517 'Analysis'
    Class 61 - Medicine: Restructuring Continued
    I.C. McIlwaine and N.J. Williamson
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Classification System: an Extension to the UDC
    Zhang, Qian; Izumi, Shin; Ishikawa, Tetsuya; Murakoshi, Kiyomi; Sun, Ting-wei


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