Past Events


11-12 May Al-Hoceima (Morocco) 6th International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb "Knowledge Organization in the perspective of Digital Humanities: Research and Applications"
08-13 Apr Aberdeen (UK) European Conference on Information Retrieval. 39
06-06 Feb Ljubljana (Slovenia) UDC Consortium Executive Committee Meeting
01-03 Feb Valletta (Malta) Observatory for Knowledge Organisation Systems, Workshop - COST Action KNOWeSCAPE: Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes


13 Dec New Delhi (India) Smart Future - Knowledge Trends that will Change the World - International Conference on Digital Libraries - ICDL 2016
09-09 Dec Tsukuba (Japan) Metadata Modeling and Knowledge Representation for Research Data - NKOS/DCMI Regional Workshop at the International Conference for Asian Digital Libraries -
18-19 Oct London, United Kingdom Taxonomy Boot Camp London
27-29 Sep Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 14th International ISKO Conference
13-19 Aug Columbus, Ohio, United States of America IFLA World Library and Information Congress
14-14 Apr Rende, Calabria (Italy) Terminology and knowledge organization in preserving digital memories - organized by Associazione Italiana per la Terminologia