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Contents of Extensions and Corrections No.22 (2000)

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Revised UDC tables

  • Elimination of 'final digits' throughout UDC except class 8.
  • New place auxiliaries for: the Republic of Ireland, USA, South America & Middle East
  • Religion
  • Social Welfare
  • Miscellaneous amendments


  • USA - An Extended Classification
    Geoffrey Robinson


  • Class 61 - Medicine: Restructuring Progress 2000
    I.C. McIlwaine & N.J. Williamson
  • 615 - Diseases and pathology

Comments & Communications

  • UDC in the New Millenium
    Alan Stevens
  • Report of the Editor in Chief
    Ia McIlwaine
  • VINITI - The All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
    Yu.A. Arskly & Oleg P. Nesterov
  • Nueva Clasificación Decimal Universal -CDU-
  • Notes & Queries
  • Der Apostroph in der Dezimalklassifikation
    Kritische Betrachtung einer unerwünschten Entwicklung
  • The Apostrophe in UDC
    A critical examination of an unwelcome development
    Translation by Geoffrey Robinson
  • Time out of Mind: A critical examination of Table 1g
    Geoffrey Robinson
  • Martyndas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania
    Continues Classification of Documents Using the UDC
    Marija Gobyté
  • Bilingual Slovak/English UDC Master Reference File on CD-ROM
    Anna Kucianová & Stanislav Psohlavec
  • Classification and Subject Indexing in Estonia:
    New Developments in 1999-2000
    Marje Aasmets
  • Developments in Portugal Regarding Classification and Indexing (1999/2000)
    Júlio Vaz
  • The MIRACLE and the Blind Musician
    A project to create a world wide virtual library of music braille
    Vera Wessels
  • A Chance to make UDC Notation More Computer-Friendly
    David Strachan
  • Bilingual Japanese/English UDC CD-ROM
    INFOSTA, Japan


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